Paine the Poet will be performing at JusticeAid’s Voices to Protect the Vote online May 18th concert in support of Election Protection and the 866-OUR-VOTE coalition hotline.

Paine The Poet was raised in Columbus, Ohio, and currently resides in Washington D.C. After serving an 8-year sentence within the Virginia Department of Corrections, he began to use poetry as a method of healing. It was through this method of coping he discovered that many others have suffered similar trauma.

Using the gift of poetry, the formerly incarcerated artist articulates distinctly emotional experiences in the criminal system through crisis intervention and youth mentoring. Also, among his works, he has taught various workshops, after-school programs, and panel discussions dealing with such topics as mass incarceration, prison reform, social justice, disenfranchisement, and education.

Paine The Poet performed at the November 13, 2018, JusticeAid event in support of Civil Rights Corps and co-beneficiary Essie Justice Group at the City Winery in NYC.

“I speak peace but I’m still on the edge …I make sound from words that turn to art, lines spill out my head…”

—Paine the Poet

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