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Thanks to all who attended JusticeAid’s Conversation about the Criminalization of Poverty and 21st Century Debtors’ Prisons at Wilmer Hale on April 17th—hosted by Seth Waxman, moderated by Vanita Gupta, and featuring Alec Karakatsanis of Civil Rights Corps along with Gina Clayton of Essie Justice Group.

Thanks also to those who attended, and to all who made possible the Concert on April 24th at The Hamilton, featuring Cécile McLorin Salvant, Paula Cole, Dom Flemons, Marshall Crenshaw and Kandace Springs—and which raised over $120,000 for Civil Rights Corps and Essie Justice Group. Our work continues. 

Our work continues.

On Thursday, May 10, Essie Justice Group hopes to bail out mothers in Alameda County as part of a national effort to challenge the predatory bail industry and bail system and bring mothers home for Mother’s Day. Please donate to the national Mother’s Day bailout efforts this year by visiting https://brooklynbailfund.org/national-bail-out-day-donate.

And keep up with Civil Rights Corps‘ tremendous efforts to change the assembly line culture of the American bail system. Their cases are re-sensitizing our legal culture and society to the brutality of this country’s addiction to mass human caging.

It’s not too late to donate and help us carry a message about racism, injustice, and wealth discrimination to New York City with a concert at City Winery on November 13th and an associated public education session.

100% of ticket sales will benefit JusticeAid’s 2018 beneficiaries, the CIVIL RIGHTS CORPS and the ESSIE JUSTICE GROUP and the fight against inequality in our legal system.

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