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At JusticeAid, we never underestimate the
power of art to inspire social action.  

Consistent with JusticeAid’s mission to promote justice through the arts, and in keeping with our 2022 focus on LGBTQ civil rights, throughout the year we have featured films/TV series, fine art, songs, and books that address important issues to the LGBTQ community. Our selections do not aim to represent the broad spectrum of this community—that is an impossible feat. Rather, they offer a glimpse into the complexities and strengths inherent in queer and gender non-conforming identities. We hope they offer inspiration, deepen our collective understanding, and prompt candid conversations with family and friends.

We welcome your reactions and suggestions and look forward to taking this journey with you throughout 2022 as we strive to forge greater empathy and deeper commitment to providing access to justice and protections for the civil rights of all persons.

Banner illustrations:

  • January: Louis Fratino
  • February: Hernan Bas
  • March: David Hockney
  • April and Archive: Kehinde Wiley
  • May: Beauford Delaney
  • June: Julie Mehretu
  • July: Jeffrey Gibson
  • August: Antiquities tour, British Museum
  • September: Nick Cave
  • October: SMYAL participants
  • November: Tschabalala Self
  • December: Leslie Martinez
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