A passion for justice, a love for the arts, and a commitment to give back came together on October 11, 2022, at Washington, DC’s City Winery for JusticeAid’s Fall Concert featuring jazz vocalist and pianist, Kandace Springs. 100% of donations and proceeds from the event will go to SMYAL (Supporting Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders). See concert wrap-up and photo gallery.

At the concert, we announced that the JusticeAid Board will match all contributions through the end of October. If you have not had a chance to donate, please help us reach our goal of raising $500,000 for SMYAL this year. Thank you!

Thanks to your generosity…many more queer and trans youth will have access to affirming and empowering programs and services. Thank you to donors, ticket buyers, sponsors, and SMYAL! 

JusticeAid is grateful to these ticket buyers and donors (as of October 20, 2022)  for such generous support during our fall campaign for SMYAL.

Emily Afzal, Reza Akhavan & Sarah Akhaven, Steve & Ro Anderson, Joseph Atkins, Eric Bechter, Ellen Beckwith, Deborah & Bruce Berman, Sekou Biddle, Tony Bisceglie, Jamie and Joan Blaine, Joseph Bowles, Katelynn Bradley, Lauren Briggerman, Trent Brooks, Blair Brown & Susan Gerone, Eliana Brown, Lynn Carpenter, Catherine Carroll, Fleur & Jay Chandler, Joseph Charlet, Kim Duckett Coaxum, Ray Conley & Elizabeth Sovern, Denise Cormier, Susan Covino Buell, Becky & Roger Cuthbert, Angela Davis, David DeBruin, Anne Di Rosa, John Dudek, JP Ellison & Lauren Case, Eddie Engles, Elizabethy Felleman, Ellen Fern, Hamilton Fish, Blair Fishburn, Susan & Bill Flanders, Gary Goldberg, Jamie Gorelick, Sara Greenberg, Lisa Greenman, Taylor Gutierrez, Gayle & Todd Hager, Brandi Harden, Chris Harrington, Jennifer Chandler Hauge, Jeffrey & Ellen Huvelle, Hyman Phelps & McNamara PC, JAMS Inc, Jen Jones, Tazewell Jones, Natalie Jowett, Kay Kendall & John Davies, Gary Kohlman & Lesley Zork, Sara Kropf, Gary Laughlin, Bill Lee, Yoon-Young Lee, Michael Lestingi, Ivey London, Nikki Lotze, Zach Lowe, Meredith & Bob Maclay, Ashley Maiolatesi, Sabrina Mannai, Karen & Larry McAdoo, Patrick McGlone, Bill McLucas, Josie Merck, Anne Messner, Wendy Miller, Logan Milliken & Peter Rogers, Rebecca & Stephen Milliken, Dave Moskowitz & Susan Jacobsen, Katherine Munroe, Siobhan O’Connor, David Ogden, Daniel Penchina, Margarita Prieto & Mark Michael, Woody Peterson, Daniel Phillips, Michael Phillips, Catherine Pierce, Heather Pinckney, Preston Pugh, Karl Racine, Michael & Mary Raibman, Amy Richardson, Deborah Ringel, Drew Roberts, Mark Rochon & Page Kennedy, Jose Romero, Steve Russell, Stephen Rutgers, Chase Rynd, Nadeen Saqer, Chris Sautter, Addy Schmitt, Joel Schwartz, Anneka Scranton, Susan Shaffer & Truman Morrison, Robin Shaffert, Howard Shapiro, Lisa Sherman & Marty Stone, Jessica Sobin, Catherine & Robert Solomon, Therese Steiner, Tom Strickland, Cynthia Stroud, Hon. Emmet & Nan La Nita Sullivan, Sunny Sumter, Patricia Taylor, Karen Thomas, Jennifer Turner, Linda Turner, Alexandra Van Dine, Rob Vogel & Bonnie Malkin, Spencer & Frances Walters, Sarah Waxman, Seth Waxman, Wesley Weicht, Astrid Weigert, Joann Weiner, Andrea Winkler, Paul Zukerberg

With much appreciation to our amazing Host Committee.

Mark Rochon, Host and Committee Chair, Carl Baloney, Betsy Biben, Barry Boss, Trent Brooks, Rob Cogorno & Jeffrey Nelson, Angela Davis, Anne Di Rosa, Jocko Fajordo, Billy Fettweis, Pat McGlone, Daniel Penchina, Kevin Taylor, Karen Thomas, and The Board of Directors of JusticeAid

Thank you for joining with JusticeAid and SMYAL this year in our efforts to support LGBTQ youth and spotlight injustices for LGBTQ people. Please share this email with friends and colleagues who may be interested in supporting SMYAL.

—The JusticeAid Board

Please share this email on social media with friends and colleagues who may be interested in joining us at our DC concert or NYC public forum. Thank you!

JusticeAid leverages the community-building power of art and music to transform awareness into action in the fight against injustice. Each year we identify and raise funds for justice causes by hosting music, arts, and educational events. Since 2013 JusticeAid has granted more than 1.7 million dollars to nonprofits working to ensure access to justice for the disenfranchised and marginalized. Our grantee partners are fighting racist voter suppression and racist policing, working to end mass incarceration and inhumane immigration practices, ensuring access to legal services, and addressing the criminalization and hatred of others.