One hundred years ago this month, women finally secured the right to vote. This month’s Music That Matters is an homage to the Suffragettes, Black and white women who marched during a pandemic, risking their lives to secure the vote for women. They wore masks, just as we do today, to preserve their health and the health of others. They persisted. But the risks they and other civil rights activists have taken to secure our right to vote will be for nothing if you and I do nothing in the face of today’s forms of voter suppression.

What can you do?

  • Help your neighbors, friends, and families with their own plan to vote.
  • Volunteer as a poll worker, poll monitor, or to answer voters’ questions.
  • Call Congress (202-244-3121) to share your concerns that the Post Office needs more funding. Leave messages for leadership on both sides of the aisle.
  • Learn how to vote by mail in every state. Vote early and mail ballots back as soon as possible!

And finally, please donate. A gift to JusticeAid right now will help our 2020 grantee-partner Election Protection/866-OUR-VOTE fight voter suppression in all its forms.

We hope you’ll enjoy not only the music in the playlist but also the history shared by JusticeAid board members in this month’s music blog on Women’s Rights. We also hope you will join us in protecting the vote so that every citizen’s voice is heard in this year’s election.

March on, and enjoy the music!  

Jenny Chandler, Managing Director, JusticeAid

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JusticeAid leverages the community-building power of art and music to transform awareness into action in the fight against injustice. We organize arts events and public forums to educate people about key civil rights challenges, and we raise funds to support key organizations addressing these issues. JusticeAid advances its efforts by leveraging our Board of Directors’ diverse lived experiences of race, sex, religion, age, and sexual orientation, among others.