Dear Friends,

Over the past six years, JusticeAid has given away close to one million dollars of critical financial support for organizations on the cutting edge of fighting injustice.

100% of every JusticeAid concert ticket goes to our yearly beneficiary. All other costs, including those for concert artists, venues, public forums, education, and promotion, are paid for by JusticeAid itself.

We rely on contributions from supporters such as you. Your donation allows us to continue our vital work: shining a light on particular areas of injustice, introducing the public to the heroes of cutting-edge justice movements, and supporting hard-working and under-resourced nonprofits working in the justice space.

We hope you will consider a year-end contribution to JusticeAid.

With gratitude from the JusticeAid Board 

Please also consider a year-end donation to our incredible 2020 and past beneficiaries below:

JusticeAid is a nonprofit charitable organization recognized as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to JusticeAid are generally deductible for purposes of federal income tax. You should consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of donations to JusticeAid.