2021 Annual Gift Donors to JusticeAid

With heartfelt thanks to these donors who directed a year-end contribution to JusticeAid.
Your support helps us blow the trumpet louder for justice. Thank you!


Barry and Cathy Boss 

Bristle Cone Pine Foundation

Hon. Russ Canan and Lee Coykendall 

Jennifer Chandler and Steven Berk 

Martha and Ted Coates 

Stacey Coates 

Alan Cohen

Beth Comeau

Denise Cormier

Jacques Coughlin

Rosalind Cross

Chris and Mary Cutler

Adele D’Ari

Laurie Davis and Joseph Sellers

Tim Delaney

Beverley Earle and John Sloan 

Joshua Feigenbaum

Catherine Fender

Stacey Fitch

Dean Girdis and Susanne Leloup

John Goodhue and Anne Smith

Anne Goldberg

Jeffrey and Shirin Goldberg

Ted Green

Meg and John Hauge

Elizabeth Herman

Sandra Horowitz and Robert Dealy

Ellen and Jeffery Huvelle 

Doris Joe

Danny Kahn

Melinda and Peter Kaminsky

Erika Kelton

Kay Kendall and Jack Davies

Andrea Kirsh

Gary Kohlman and Lesley S. Zork

Mary Lou Leary

Vicki and Brian Lockhart

Jennifer Lyman

Meredith and Bob Maclay

Zachary Manganello and Willow Stein

Pamela Manice

Frederick Mann

Robin Mann

Aaron Mason and Katharine Crile

John McAvoy

Jan McGee

Josie Merck

Wendy Miller 

Gerrish and Gail Milliken

Nancy Milliken

Rebecca and Stephen Milliken

Bahman Mossavar-Rahmani

Nancy and Frank Netcoh

Amy and Brian O’Leary

Michael and Jill Phillips

Virginia and Robert Pommer

Patricia Potter

Margarita Prieto and Mark Michaels

Kathy and George Putnam

Amalie and Bill Reichbaum

Mark Rochon and Page Kennedy

Nancy Rogers

Patricia and Thomas Rosbrow

Richard Rubenstein
and Susan Ryerson

Michael Satin

Karen Schneider

Robert Sedgewick and Helen Torelli

Joseph Sellers

Robin Shaffert and Dean Brenner

Sunny Slaughter

Janice Smart 

Cathy and Bob Solomon

Phil Straus

Stephen Stroud and Mayra Bonilla

Susan Swanson

Amy and Paul Tanen

Patsy Taylor

Karen Thomas

Hon. Linda Turner

Barbara Uhl

Sarah Ulerick

Bathsheba Veghte

Ellen and John Walsh

Robert Weinberg and Denise Mitchell

Chris and Lois Whipple

Kathryn and John White

Winky Foundation

Harriet Wittington and Jim Bright

Wool Family Foundation

Alison Wylegala and Steve Lewis