“No one truly knows a nation until one  has been inside its jails.” —Nelson Mandela
Every day in the United States, we learn more about the injustices within the criminal legal system, which disproportionately targets low income/ inner
city communities, people of color, and the vulnerable.

“JusticeAid is the hardest working, most generous, and committed fundraising partner I’ve had the privilege of working within my 20 years of non-profit work.”

West Huddleston, National Association of Drug Court Professionals (2014 beneficiary)
Since 2013, JusticeAid has raised over $850,000 to organizations that work to eradicate these inequities.

“Resensitizing the criminal legal system to its own brutality requires a movement, and the work of JusticeAid has allowed us to reach more people in more places.”

Alec Karkatsanis and Eric Halperin, Civil Rights Corps (2018 beneficiary)
This fall we’re doing something different. In order to keep delivering vital support to key change-makers and to expand our calls to action against racism, poverty, mass incarceration, and injustice, we are presenting two fabulous jazz concerts in support of our own work at JusticeAid.
  • October 15: Matthew Whitaker, Jazz Standard NYC
  • October 22: The Baylor Project, The Hamilton DC

We hope you can attend one or both concerts to hear great music, learn more about JusticeAid, and support JusticeAid’s next endeavors. In particular, in 2020 JusticeAid will put its spotlight on Voter Suppression and support organizations fighting for Voter Empowerment. 

“I think that emotional connection is what affects people, and I think it speaks to a different part of us, and I think it touches our hearts. And I think to make social change, we really need to touch people’s hearts.”

And if you cannot, please consider making a donation, in order to keep this vital work going.