A mother screams for help as her son is dragged towards an unmarked car by men who refuse to identify themselves. A child goes to bed every night wondering if her father will be there when she wakes up. A family fights to be together as their loved one is repeatedly, arbitrarily jailed and threatened with deportation decades after he’s served his time in the criminal legal system.

These stories are all too common. Every year, the U.S. immigration system tears thousands of immigrants with convictions from their homes, their families, and their communities. In 2018, ICE deported over 250,000 community members, and currently detains approximately 49,000 individuals. This number has skyrocketed in recent years, as the war on immigrants has escalated to new heights through campaigns driven by fear, hatred, racism, and lies.

The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) works to tackle this unjust system through advocacy, training, litigation, alliance building, and education.

For 20 years, in the face of increasing attacks on our immigrant communities, IDP has remained steadfast in upholding the rights of all in our fight to end the inhumane detention and deportation system. We continue to stand firm against criminalization, and we will not let those attempting to divide us with hatred and fear-mongering win. IDP is excited to join forces with JusticeAid to fight for immigrants, compassion and a commitment to the shared humanity that unites us all.

From Alisa Wellek, IDP

JusticeAid is gratified to shine a light on racist immigration abuses and honored to support our 2019 beneficiary. Immigrant Defense Project works tirelessly to keep families together and to create a world where our immigration and criminal systems uphold the human rights of everyone, regardless of immigration status.

Steve Milliken, CEO, JusticeAid
Join JusticeAid and the Immigrant Defense Project on April 15th for a Public Forum at the True Reformer Building in Washington, D.C.

Indefensible: Immigrants Trapped by the Criminalization of the Immigration Process will present multiple perspectives on ICE raids, detention, deportations, immigration detention, and mass incarceration. Moderated by Immigrant Defense Project Deputy Director Mizue Aizeki, panelists include Alina Das, NYU Law Professor; Alejandra Pablos, activist and immigrant leader facing deportation; and more coming soon!

MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2019 at the True Reformer Building
1200 U St, NW, Washington, DC
6:00 PM  Doors Open / 6:30 PM

The event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  and will be live-streamed through JusticeAid and Immigrant Defense Project’s Facebook pages. Follow the event at #JusticeAidForum.

The Immigrant Defense Project is fighting the most essential injustices of our time head on. Working at the intersection of racially biased U.S. criminal and immigration systems, the Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) is making major strides in securing fairness and justice for immigrants in the United States. JusticeAid is excited to help, and we appreciate your support. Watch IDP’s video, and read its 2018 report on ICE’s changing tactics.

Under our current immigration laws, contact with the criminal legal system can come back to haunt immigrants and their families many years later.  Khalil, a social worker and advocate, was taken from his family by ICE during an early morning home raid because of a conviction that was over a decade old.  IDP worked with allies to win Khalil’s release from ICE and a pardon from Governor Cuomo.  “Every night that she goes to bed, there is a chance that she could wake up and I could be gone again. Can you imagine what trauma that brings to a child? You wake up in the morning and everything changes…,” says Khalil about his experience facing detention and deportation.

“Daddy, When Are You Coming Home?”

And Please, Don’t Forget to Meet Us on April 16th, for Los Lobos in Concert

Legendary rock band Los Lobos will take the stage with their unique blend of rock and roll, Tex-Mex, country, zydeco, folk, R&B, blues, brown-eyed soul, and traditional music.

“… in a nation fighting with itself over who deserves the privilege of citizenship, Los Lobos stands as a pertinent reminder of the cultural value of immigrant America.”

Lancaster Online

600 14th St, NW, Washington, DC
6:00 PM  Doors Open / 7:00 PM  Performance & Dinner

Remember: 100 percent of ticket sales will support the Immigrant Defense Project! Learn more about the concert and buy tickets and sponsorships here. Follow the event at #JusticeAidConcert.

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