Over the past year we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our music blog and accompanying playlists, attended one of our virtual events, or joined us in safeguarding the right to vote. Our 2020 Impact Report illustrates how JusticeAid raised money and awareness about our 2020 justice issue: voting rights.

There is just one week left to make a charitable donation in 2020. Please consider a gift to promote justice through the arts – a gift to JusticeAid.

As we consider how different the holidays are this year, we think you’ll enjoy, “Hold On” by Yola, a Nashville-based English singer-songwriter, who reminds us how music lifts us up and brings us close. Play it on Spotify or YouTube. Yola based this song on a conversation she had with her mother when she was growing up. Read the Rolling Stone review.

“Baby hold on to the things you love
Show me who it is you are
Never let that feeling go
Let it show”

Happy holidays from all of us at JusticeAid,
Jenny Chandler, Managing Director, JusticeAid

JusticeAid leverages the community-building power of art and music to transform awareness into action in the fight against injustice. Each year we identify and raise funds for justice causes by hosting music, arts, and educational events. Since 2013 JusticeAid has raised over 1.3 million dollars for justice heroes: nonprofits that are ending mass incarceration, addressing the criminalization of poverty and inhumane immigration policies, and protecting civil rights for all.