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Black Voters Matter

Black Voters Matter (BVM) mission is to increase civic engagement and power building in predominantly Black communities.

Black Voters Matter

“Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny.”

Black Voters Matter

The goal of Black Voters Matter (BVM) is to increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities.

Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny. BVM agrees with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said, “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”

Five Core Values

Black Voters Matter (BVM) seeks to achieve their goals
with the following 5 core beliefs in mind:

The key to effective civic engagement and community power is understanding, respecting, and supporting local infrastructure.

Black Voters Matter not only on election day but on the 364 days between election days as well. This means we must support individuals and organizations that are striving to obtain social justice throughout the year.

Black Voters Matter *everywhere*, including rural counties and smaller cities/towns that are often ignored by candidates, elected officials, political parties, and the media.

In order for Black voters to matter, we must utilize authentic messaging which speaks to our issues, connects with our hopes, and affirms our humanity.

The leadership, talent, and commitment demonstrated by Black women in particular must receive recognition and, more importantly, *investment* in order to flourish and multiply.


Black Voters Matter believes in working with directly with communities to define agendas and implement solutions that create meaningful change. With this in mind, they seek to increase the capacity of community-based organizations working on a wide range of issues: from mass incarceration to gentrification, from health care to education and more.

2022 By The Numbers

49.2 MILLIon





100% of your contribution to JusticeAid will support BVM’s work to fight back against voter suppression.



Increasing voter registration and turnout is an important aspect of building power, but this is just the beginning of BVM’s work.



BVM advocates for policies to expand voting rights and voter access, such as expanding early voting, resisting voter ID, restoration of rights, and strengthening the Voting Rights Act. BVM also advocates for policies that intersect with race, gender, economic status, and other aspects of equity.​



BVM helps develop and strengthen infrastructure where little/none exists. This includes staff and partner training, candidate development, and network development.

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About JusticeAid

JusticeAid is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Our mission is to leverage the community-building power of art and music to transform awareness into action in the fight against injustice. Since 2013 JusticeAid has granted over two million dollars to nonprofits that are protecting civil rights for all.