/May 2015

Blind Boys of Alabama


Five-time Grammy Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners Blind Boys of Alabama are the heart and soul of their home state’s rich musical history. Since the original members first sang together over 70 years ago, their stirringly soulful sound has been celebrated by critics, musicians, and fans alike for its sincere, down-to-earth depiction of traditional American gospel music. And for having persevered through monumentally transformative national events like the American Civil Rights Movement, the Blind Boys of Alabama are irreplaceable storytellers.

President Barack Obama isn’t the first American president to honor the Blind Boys of Alabama as national treasures. President Clinton and both past Presidents Bush hosted the Blind Boys as guests of the White House in recognition of their accomplishments to the arts. The Blind Boys of Alabama have shared the stage with a diverse lineup of American music legends ranging from Bob Dylan to Smokey Robinson and past JusticeAid featured artist Trombone Shorty at historic venues, including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

Read about the Blind Boys’ 2015 JusticeAid event benefitting the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project and Innocence Project New Orleans.

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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco’s visionary approach to folk music captivates her fans, inspires political change, and demands accountability from our leaders. Her songwriting is keenly prophetic, and her deeply revealing storytelling evokes a powerful sense of empathy. For her impassioned songwriting and masterful guitar skills, Ani DiFranco is lauded as one of our nation’s greatest singer-songwriters. For her blunt critiques of political corruption and unwavering advancement of feminist ideals, she is a cherished cultural icon.

Throughout a career spanning multiple decades, DiFranco has released over 20 albums and garnered critical acclaim, all while constantly rejecting and challenging a mainstream music industry dominated by male voices and influence. Her music forms a patchwork of distinct experiences and viewpoints that together tell the tale of a seasoned musician and acutely insightful observer.

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