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Civil Rights Corps

Civil Rights Corps brings cutting-edge class-action litigation all over the country to challenge systemic injustice in the American legal system. They confront the money bail system and the criminalization of poverty, work to ensure that all people have access to quality defense through their Indigent Defense Initiative, and defy abuse of power by criminal prosecutors through their Prosecutor Project. Through all of their work, Civil Rights Corps aims to resensitize American society in this era of mass human caging, and seeks the creation of a legal system that promotes equality and human freedom. Civil Rights Corps has already won victories over unconstitutional bail systems in jurisdictions in Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and more, as well as challenged debtors’ prisons across the South. Civil Rights Corps succeeds because of their commitment to partnering with community-based organizations in each of the localities where they take action, ensuring that local solutions take shape based on local input.

Civil Rights Corps Website

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Essie Justice Group

Essie Justice Group is an Oakland, California-based organization with the mission to harness the collective power of women with incarcerated loves ones to end mass incarceration’s harm to women and communities. that mobilizes women with incarcerated loved ones to take on the rampant injustices created by mass incarceration, and they are helping lead the campaign for bail reform in California. Essie’s award-winning Healing to Advocacy Model brings women together to heal, build collective power, and drive social change. Essie is building a membership of fierce advocates for race and gender justice—including Black and Latinx women, formerly and currently incarcerated women, transwomen, and gender non-conforming people. Through Essie, they are empowered, and they lead: they take on campaigns, provide support to their peers, participate in actions, and partner with a national community of activists and advocates to build a more compassionate and just society.

Essie Website

Cécile McLorin Salvant

Jazz great Wynton Marsalis said of 28-year-old recording artist Cécile McLorin Salvant, “You get a singer like this once in a generation or two.” She’s been compared to Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald.  Her most recent album is Dreams and Daggers. Known for her wide range in pitch and emotion, vocalization, and style of music, she placed first in the 2010 Thelonious Monk Vocal Competition, has won two Grammy Awards and an Independent Spirit Award, and has been profiled in The New Yorker. 

Cécile’s Website

Paula Cole

Described by Rolling Stone as “An extraordinary songwriter with a gorgeous voice,” Paula is the first woman in history to solely produce and receive the Best Producer Grammy Award nomination for her work, This Fire. That same year, she won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.  She has released 9 albums, including her 2017Ballads, with a powerful rendition of Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child.”

Paula’s Website

Dom Flemons

D om Flemons is a Grammy Award-winning musician, singer-songwriter, and slam poet. Carrying on the songster tradition, Flemons strives to mix traditional music such as ragtime, spirituals, and strong band music with a contemporary approach to create new sounds.  He is the co-founder of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and recently performed at Carnegie Hall for A Tribute to Lead Belly, as well as at the opening ceremonies for the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

Dom’s Website

Kandace Springs

Kandace Springs’ musical melding of soul, jazz, and pop draws its inspiration from years of musical traditions, and yet somehow her sound is still revolutionary. The Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and pianist shows off immense talent on her debut release, Soul Eyes. Her remake of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” attracted the attention of Prince, who asked her to perform with him for the 30th-anniversary concert of Purple Rain. Known for her smoky voice and dramatic phrasing, her second album, Indigo, was released in March 2018. Kandace’s live JusticeAid performances for the Mental Health Project of the Urban Justice Center, Civil Rights Corps, and Essie Justice Project inspired all in attendance.

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Kandace’s Website

Marshall Crenshaw

Detroit native Marshall Crenshaw is an American musician, singer, and songwriter best known for his song “Someday, Someway,” a Top 40 hit. Original songs from his over 16 albums and numerous EPs have been widely recorded by other major artists. Early in his career, he played Buddy Holly, an early influence, in the film La Bamba, and he also appeared in Peggy Sue Got Married, as well as his own special On Stage at World Cafe Live: Marshall Crenshaw.

Marshall’s webpage

Martha Redbone

Martha Redbone maintains a transatlantic music career between London and New York City, and her musical releases are even more geographically diverse. Redbone’s past recordings and writings chronicle everything from her family’s origins in Appalachia to Native American musical traditions. Follow the self-proclaimed neo-soul singer-songwriter on Facebook to hear her sound for yourself.

Martha’s Website

The Morrison Brothers Band

The Morrison Brothers are hometown heroes when it comes to country rock, partnering with JusticeAid at our Gideon’s Promise and DCLISC events. Since brothers Willie and Truman Morrison formed in 2008, they’ve released three full-length albums and conquered every premier venue in the Capital City. In July, they returned to the 9:30 Club, ranked #1 on a  list of “The Best Big Rooms in America” to premiere their latest album, State of the Union. The album’s first single “Little Miss Whiskey” is receiving extensive air-play on DC’s top country station, WMZQ 98.7 FM.