/April 2013

Gideon’s Promise

Formerly the Southern Public Defender Training Center, Atlanta-based nonprofit Gideon’s Promise aims to transform the criminal justice system by building a movement of public defenders who provide equal justice for marginalized communities. Public defenders are crucial to the realization of equal justice in America; yet, they are a group that is often under-supported. Gideon’s Promise provides comprehensive training and community support to sustain the passion of public defenders, so that they may continue to be voices for the voiceless.

JusticeAid partnered with Gideon’s Promise in 2013. See event page here.

Gideon’s Promise Website

Pictured in banner Jonathan Rapping, President of Gideon’s Promise. Photo courtesy of Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 


The Morrison Brothers Band

The Morrison Brothers are hometown heroes when it comes to country rock, partnering with JusticeAid at our Gideon’s Promise and DCLISC events. Since brothers Willie and Truman Morrison formed in 2008, they’ve released three full-length albums and conquered every premier venue in the Capital City. In July, they returned to the 9:30 Club, ranked #1 on a  list of “The Best Big Rooms in America” to premiere their latest album, State of the Union. The album’s first single “Little Miss Whiskey” is receiving extensive air-play on DC’s top country station, WMZQ 98.7 FM.


Mary Ann Redmond

Mary Ann Redmond is known for her soulful and wide-ranging vocal style in popular and jazz music.  She is a local talent who has won 24 Wammies to date. She is described as “an exciting vocal talent” in a Billboard magazine article that went on to say “….Redmond is wowing club audiences as a completely formed stylist, who sings heartfelt ballads and funky tunes with equal ease and enthusiasm in an alto voice that soars effortlessly to soprano range.”

Mary Ann Redmond helped JusticeAid get its start wowing our first audience at The Hamilton to raise money at our inaugural event benefitting Gideon’s Promise.

Mary Ann’s Website

As a result of this event, we were able to provide support to our summer law clerks working in our public defender partner offices across the South and partial scholarship funds to three new public defenders who joined our program this summer!

Ilham Askia , Executive Director, Gideon’s Promise

”If Aretha is the Queen of Soul, Redmond must be considered an official Lady in Waiting.”

Dave Nuttycombe, Washington City Paper