Dear Friends,

What a night! JusticeAid’s 2024 Spring Benefit Concert Soul of Justice was a soaring success with every seat filled for a night of joyful music and entertainment. Thank you to everyone who donated, attended, and danced the night away! Our full photo gallery will come soon.

As we danced to the finale renditions of The Pointer Sisters’ “Yes We Can!” and Staple Singers’ “I’ll Take You There”, we couldn’t help but feel hopeful. Hope for our goal of raising $600,000 for Black Voters Matter by the end of June. And hope that BVM prevails in their non-stop work to help disenfranchised voters and preserve democracy.

Thank you so much to all who have helped us get there. One more push to reach an anonymous match of $200,000, and we will be there. Deadline to double your impact is June 30th.

With deep gratitude,

The JusticeAid Board of Directors

Thank you to ClassACT HR’73, ESPN Films, Miller & Chevalier,
and individual table hosts, donors, and ticket buyers.

JUSTICE FOR ALL ($25,000+)

Steve & Ro Anderson
ESPN Films
Miller & Chevalier
Stephen & Rebecca Milliken
Therese Steiner

Gwen Adoph
Angelson Family Foundation
Dr. Robert Dealy & Dr. Sandra Horowitz
Beverly Earle & John Sloan
Sallie Gouverneur
Emily-Jane Kirwan

Jeff Alston
Emily Bakemeier
James Bertuzzi
Betsy Biben & Rick Seligman
Terri Bowles
Penelope Breese
Jay & Fleur Chandler
Seth Cohen
Ray Conley & Beth Sovern
Elizabeth Crile-Vadera
Gail Dankert & Elliott Larson
Aime & Joe Dempsey
Josh Figenbaum
Judith Friedman & Ron Goldstock
Joanne & Robert Gannett
Nina Ginsburg
Linda Goldstein
Susan Gonella & Dan Nicholas
Lisa Greenman & Paul Leder
John Hauge
Helen Hershkoff
Natalie Jowett
Janet & Howard Katz
Mary Kennedy
Soo Kim
Gary Kohlman & Lesley Zork
Rob Lawrence
Robert Ley
Zachary Manganello

Regina & Neil Matthews
Stephen McCreary & Beth Van Hanswyk
Danny Melnick
Anne Messner
Kim Michael
Richard Moore
National Campaign Against
Religious Torture
Maggie Prieto & Mark Michael
Gina Rendon
Michele Roberts
Greg Roth
Joclyn Schaap
Addy Schmitt
Karen Schneider
Rob Sedgwick & Helen Torelli
Lori Shaw
Jen Smith & Michael Roth
Kimberly Smith
Morris Stroud
Letia Upton
Mara Verheyden-Hilliard
Rob Vogel
Jonathan Wallen
Seth Waxman
David Wechsler
Thomas Wells