Alec Karakatsanis, Founder & Executive Director of the Civil Rights Corps, feels similarly on the need for bail reform. To counter the injustices, Civil Rights Corps brings aggressive reform litigation around the country on behalf of impoverished and otherwise marginalized criminal defendants.

The results are impressive: historic local victories with national implications. In the past few months, 12,272 people were released from the Harris County Jail in Houston as result of a federal injunction filed by Civil Rights Corps. In Alabama, the federal district court granted CRC’s motion for preliminary injunction in their bail lawsuit v. Cullman County, which will stop the County from detaining poor people who cannot afford to post bond as a condition of pretrial release.

“The bail system is one of those ways in which the processing of human beings has become so corrupt that we now have 450,000 human beings every single night in this country in jail cells just because they can’t make a monetary payment.” —Alec Karakatsanis

The statistics are compelling, yet so, too, are the people behind them: human lives caught in a system that frequently forgets about them. Join JusticeAid in making a difference.

Watch Civil Rights Corps’ video here and check out its impressive docket of cases.

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